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The Order of Embers

Take the Tome of Silver and Ash in Gol Var.
Tome of Silver and Ash


The Order of Embers was the name given to those who took up these arms against the Drust. Using the tools and methods uncovered by the scholars, they were able to counter the Drust's magic, and ensure our victory in the war. If the coven wants to use the Drust's magic against us, then we'll use the Order's weapons against them. The knowledge of the Order rests here, but without a hand to wield it, it will do us no good. Will you be that hand, <class>? Will you revive the Order of Embers?


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
8.0 PH - Weapon - 1H Axe Waycrest Halberd
Witchbane Dirk Hag-Hunter Crossbow
Embersteel Falchion Greatsword of the Ember Order
8.0 PH - Weapon - Polearm Silvered Ashwood Spire
You will receive: 20 60


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 16,450 experience