Quick Facts

Changing of the Guard

Deliver recruitment orders to Captain Cleardawn, Lieutenant Yorrick, Ensign Mace, Ensign Sterntide, and Falconer Notley in Arom's Stand.
Captain Cleardawn recruited
Lieutenant Yorrick recruited
Ensign Sterntide recruited
Ensign Mace recruited
Falconer Notley recruited


I have no doubt that you're a quite capable <class>, mainlander, but we will need some help if we want to make it to Waycrest Manor in one piece. A small group would be ideal - strong enough to face the coven's threats, but small enough to remain largely unnoticed. <Reade produces a bundle of letters.> I have written new orders to some of my finest soldiers to join your Order of Embers. They will report to you and the lady Waycrest. Please deliver these to them, so they can be prepared to move out.


You will receive: 20 60


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 16,450 experience