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Trial by Superstition

Question 5 Fletcher's Hollow Villagers in Hangman's Point.
Villager questioned (5)
Credit - Villager 01 Questioned slain
Credit - Villager 02 Questioned slain
Credit - Villager 03 Questioned slain
Credit - Villager 04 Questioned slain
Credit - Villager 05 Questioned slain


Witchcraft has long lived in the superstitions of the people here. It is only recently that some of these superstitions have become reality. According to tradition, one who is tried for witchcraft is allowed to choose the means by which they are tested from among the requests of her peers. The villagers here no doubt have some strange beliefs of what witches can and cannot do. Speak with them, and see what we can do to prove my innocence.


You will receive: 10 30


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 8,230 experience